• Bread

    Lentil loaf with maple glaze

    I think what I love the most in this bread is the maple syrup, vinegar and tomate glaze. Since then, I even sometimes make this glaze on its own, add a good olive olive and use it avec a dressing.…

  • Bread,  Breakfast,  GF breakfast

    Parsnip gluten-free and low FODMAP bread

    Don’t worry, you won’t even realize there is vegetable inside your bread ! The parsnip makes the bread softer while the seeds bring some crush into it.   Ingredients 9 tbsp warm water 1tsp psyllium 80 g sunflower seeds*, preferably…

  • GF dessert & sweet treats


    I love energy balls. First because they are so much fun to make as they are so versatile. I love trying different rolling and adding spices, nuts or seeds according to my feelings. Second because they are a perfect snack…

  • GF main meals

    Black bean & rice Mexicain burger

    Many tacos and other Mexican foods are made with meat. I have tried few times to create these Mexican-flavor burgers. Now, each time if feel like Mexican food, I cook these patties and I serve them with carrots slaw, tomatoes,…

  • Breakfast,  GF breakfast,  Main meals


    The very first time I’ve try to make yam pancakes, my boyfriend almost didn’t talk for the all dinner. Once he finished his plate he asked me for more and told me it was one of his favorite recipes. I…

  • Breakfast,  GF breakfast,  Gluten free

    Banana bread

    I usually make banana bread when my bananas are too ripped. However, to get a lower FODMAP banana bread, I’d rather use unripe bananas. Banana bread is perfect for breakfast or as a snack.   Ingredients: 2 eggs 1/3 cup…

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