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    Green quinoa with sesame eggs

    I love creating recipes. To find inspiration, I borrow tone of books at the library. Here a recipe inspired by the Australian women’s weekly delicious gluten-free food, from Dr Joana McMillan.For once, I haven’t make many modifications. This recipe is…

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    Scrambled tofu

    I don’t often eat tofu. I prefer tempeh which soy beans have been fermented. But tofu is so versatile, It’s easy to cook and it’s a good protein source for vegeta*ian. For people on a low FODMAP diet, do not…

  • GF main meals

    Black bean & rice Mexicain burger

    Many tacos and other Mexican foods are made with meat. I have tried few times to create these Mexican-flavor burgers. Now, each time if feel like Mexican food, I cook these patties and I serve them with carrots slaw, tomatoes,…

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