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Hey there! I am Juliette, a Gut Health Dietitian.

First of all, thank you.

By reading my articles you are helping me in my mission: help people with digestive issues.

I do hope you are finding useful information and practical tools through my website.

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Who I am and how I become a Gut Health Dietitian

I’ve always been into sports. At the age of 13, I started to run more and more intensely (I was doing steeple and cross-country) for competition, and my health began to be a concern. After a hospital stay, I was referred to a dietitian specialized in sports nutrition, and it has been a life revelation.

At this time I didn’t know anything about nutrition, and I’ve been eating a lot of ready-to-go food.

As soon I have started following my new dietary plan, my general health improved and my run performance were so much better.

I became aware of the impact that a balanced and an individualized diet could have on our lifestyle and health.

However, despite all my new diet, my gut health wasn’t improving a lot: I was still very constipated and I was suffering from belly pain almost every day (I’ve even been under PPI at the age of 16!)

After my three-years degree I wasn’t feeling ready to work and I wanted to travel. I stayed almost a year in New Zealand.

I fall in love of the country (and a kiwi boy) so I decided to stay!

I don’t fully remember when I heard about the low FODMAP diet and IBS, but through my reading and my professional practice, I’ve realized that I wasn’t the only one suffering from daily pain, and there was even a name for all my symptoms!

After reading tens of books and studies, I’ve followed the Monash University course.


What do I do now

I’ve started my own practice in August 2020 and I offer online consultation.

I also created a online program for people with IBS (only in French for the moment), and recipe ebooks. For more information about my Low FODMAP diet quick starter guide, click here.


I am currently enrolled in a Master of Nutrition & Dietetics in Massey University to become a NZ Register Dietitian.


My vision of nutrition

My vision of nutrition is holistic and I use other alternative therapies which are for me an excellent complement to the Western medicine . I want to help you understand the reason for the symptoms, and not “cure” them with medication or general advice.

I am convinced that diet, physical activity and above all, a healthy microbiota can prevent many diseases.



My degrees:

    • DUT Biology & Dietetics
    • Bachelor Nutrition Food, Prevention and Culinary Innovation, major sensory analysis
    • Cooking degree
    • Monash FODMAP Online dietitian course (Monash University training)



    • HYGIE ONE, by Lisa Salis, health nutrition, nutritherapy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine
    • MOOC Environment & Health: a healthy man in a healthy environment
    • Training in sustainable nutrition & micronutrition by Anthony Berthou
    • MOOC, Reduce the presence of toxic metals on our plate
    • Dr Jillian Teta’s online courses


Currently in MSc Nutrition & Dietetics at Massey University.

My expertise

  • I help people who want to have a more sustainable and plant-based diet to do it “correctly”
  • People with any digestive issues: IBS, IBD, coeliac disease, athlete’s gut issues


My mission

My goal is to help people to get better and healthier through their diet and their lifestyle.

As I always say: “eating healthy is good, but digesting food to be able to enjoy its benefits is better!” And whenever you suffer from digestive issues or you want to a plant-based diet, there are many things you need to know about food!


Hope this will help you to know me a little better.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Take care,




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