Digestive health

  • Digestive health

    Does intermittent fasting help for IBS ?

    If, like 80% of the 10% of people suffering from IBS (1), identified food to be a trigger of your symptoms (2), you may then wonder if stop eating could help. Of course, not eating at all is not sustainable,…

  • Digestive health,  FODMAP diet

    FODMAP diet, what for? For whom?

    If you don’t know what the FODMAP diet is, I first recommend you to start reading this article. Do you know what this diet is all about? Perfect, let’s see how the FODMAP diet has been developed and whether it…

  • Digestive health

    All about Fibers

    You may avoid vegetables, nuts, pulse or all kinds of wholegrain food because you think they make you feel bloated. Moreover, fibers are good for you! Let me explain to you why and how you can increase your fibers intake…

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