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You will find articles relating to nutrition and in particular on intestinal health. Indeed, all diseases take root in the intestine. Consuming healthy foods in line with your needs and values, optimizing your digestive fire, nourishing your microbiota well, maintaining harmony between our two brains and taking care of your environment and yourself, is the basis. My goal is to help you to see more clearly through my articles and my emails.


You will also find articles dealing with current affairs, intended for future or young parents, diabetics, athletes or anyone wishing to vegetate their diet.


These articles are evolving , ie they are updated, corrected or supplemented if necessary. Nutrition is a young science, and to practice it, continuous training is essential.


I also share with you within my site, my favorite recipes , as well as my favorite readings and podcast. You will find them at the end of the articles, or in the Resources section .


You will find recipe ebooks and also a space to make an appointment.



My vision of nutrition

In this blog and in the weekly private emails , I share with you what I learned during my training, readings or through my professional experience, but also what I have experienced. I want to give you the most correct and understandable information possible . However, I would like to point out that I also share my opinion with you.




Many health concerns can be avoided or mitigated by a diet suited to their needs at time t , associated with physical activity and stress management , but must still have the advice tailored to itself. O nly a qualified professional will give them to you.

If we could cure diseases such as diabetes or obesity with a pill, it would be known. The medicine today is certainly essential, but does not have the tools to support all people with chronic illnesses or incurable. The hygiene of life of which nutrition is part, plays a preponderant role in the care . Changing your diet so that it is adapted to you and your possible pathologies, is one of the most difficult things to put in place.

Difficult, not impossible .

Sure, if you turn to one of the many restrictive diets promising you fabulous results without effort, it will be fine for a while, but in the long term, impossible to keep this time.

More information on my vision of nutrition and my background here .


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