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    Green quinoa with sesame eggs

    I love creating recipes. To find inspiration, I borrow tone of books at the library. Here a recipe inspired by the Australian women’s weekly delicious gluten-free food, from Dr Joana McMillan.For once, I haven’t make many modifications. This recipe is…

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    Scrambled tofu

    I don’t often eat tofu. I prefer tempeh which soy beans have been fermented. But tofu is so versatile, It’s easy to cook and it’s a good protein source for vegeta*ian. For people on a low FODMAP diet, do not…

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    The very first time I’ve try to make yam pancakes, my boyfriend almost didn’t talk for the all dinner. Once he finished his plate he asked me for more and told me it was one of his favorite recipes. I…

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    Tempeh & quinoa balls

    Ingredients   For a dozen patties 100g tempeh 1 cup of cooked quinoa (about 200g) 1 egg Coriander or other fresh herbs Spices of your choice Mix all the ingredients and form balls with your hand. Heat 1 teaspoon of…

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